Who cares what the conductor thinks?

In the vastness of cyberspace will my musings matter?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Some weeks more than others, I'm sure.  In an effort to stay connected to the choral world and to have some sort of archive to follow my evolution as a conductor, the Symphonic Chorale of Southwest Florida has agreed to publish my regular blog.  Now you can chronicle in print when it is that I lose my mind and say, "I knew it when I read that post from such-and-such a date that he was crazy."  In addition to that, here are a few other reasons you may want to follow along:

1.  Stay "in the know" musically.  I am really fortunate to conduct and attend concerts in Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs and Naples that feature remarkable music making.  If you follow along, you'll know when and where these events are.  I might also help bring some perspective about what you will hear to guide your listening a bit.

2.  Meet the individuals that make the music.  I love my job because I work with talented and dedicated musicians.  And I also work with musicians at many different stages and levels of expertise in their musical journeys.  I'll share what it is like to work with college students (there's lots to say about this), amateurs who continue to perform year after year, and local, national, and international professional musicians. 

3.  Conductors have feelings too, you know.  This may be hard for some to believe, but conducting is a really lonely profession.  You're always with people, but you're always alone.  Save the sad face here; it is a great life.  But the conductor has an experience very different from everyone else.  I'll share some of my experiences I have preparing for rehearsals and concerts, and my reactions to the outcomes of those events.

4. Join the journey.  Music expresses the otherwise inexpressible and deals with joy, love, loss, pain, suffering, rebirth, and rejoicing.  Here's another way to make your music making and music listening more thoughtful.... I hope.  Stay tuned for more.