Experience the joy of singing choral masterworks with other skilled singers, outstanding soloists, and various professional orchestras with Dr. Trent Brown, Chorale Artistic Director other national and international conductors.


Scholarships and Apprenticeships are open to all students ages 15 and up including all college students.


Apprenticeship & Scholarship

Scholarship Benefits Include:

  • Dues for membership in the Symphonic Chorale ($135/year)

  • Music for rehearsals and performance (refundable $25 deposit required)

  • Concert attire

  • Singing chorale masterworks with a professional choir, under the direction of Dr. Trent Brown, Chorale Artistic Director and Maestro Nir Kabartti of the Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra


  • Four (4) students will be selected to be Apprentices from the pool of students awarded scholarships with the Chorale. These 4 will best demonstrate future success in community choral arts as determined by the Artistic Director.

  • Depending on participation/attendance, Apprentice members will receive a $1000 stipend that will be paid in two (2) installments: $500 before the end of December and $500 at the final performance of the season.


All Scholarship/Apprenticeship recipients will follow the policies and guidelines outlined in the Singers’ Handbook for the Symphonic Chorale of Southwest Florida, including attendance policy at rehearsals and performances.

Audition Process:

Applicants must have an interest in choral music, but do not need to pursue music as a major or minor. 

Students aged 15 or older will audition for the Artistic Director and demonstrate abilities in solo vocal production, range, tonal memory and sight singing. It is important to be aware that these areas may be developing for some singers, and not yet mastered. An underdeveloped skill area should not deter students from applying! 

The Artistic Director determines if the Chorale is an appropriate fit for the candidate.

Audition Details:

Auditions are typically scheduled in September and January and are by appointment. Please contact us at to schedule an audition or with any questions about the audition process.

All auditions will include the following process. Please click on the title of each required piece to see/download the PDF of the music. Practice music links may be found at the bottom of this page:

For All Auditions:

  • Sing a the melody with piano accompaniment to “My Country Tis’ of Thee.” Key will be determined by voice part (Bass/Alto 2 in F; Soprano 1/Tenor 1 in A or B flat; all others voice parts in various keys).

  • Sing with recorded piano accompaniment the provided excerpt form John Rutter’s Requiem, measures 34-42 on melody, then measures 43-51 on your voice part.

  • Sing with recorded piano accompaniment your voice part for Mozart Requiem, “Dies irae.” Tempo will be quarter note at 154, and you will get a two measure count off.

Sound files for practice:

Mozart Requiem: Dies Irae

Rutter Requiem, movement 1 Requiem Aeternum:

Audition results will be emailed to you by our Membership Coordinator
 Weekly rehearsals at the Lamb of God Church, 19691 Cypress View Drive, Fort Myers, will be held on Tuesdays 7-9:30 pm